"Writing Across the Curriculum Using Technology"
Instructor: Barbara A. Schulz
John Hopkins University CTE
May Semester 2000

Lesson 1
(T May 9th)
Introduction and
Teacher Issues

Lesson 2
(TH May 11Th)
The Writing Cycle

Lesson 3
(SAT 5/13 AM)

Lesson 4
(SAT- 5/13 PM)

Lesson 5
On with the Writing

Lesson 6

Lesson 7
(SAT - 5/21)

Lesson 8
(SAT -5/21)

Lesson 9

Using Chat rooms
and whiteboards
for writing &

Lesson 10 (TH 5/25)*

Lesson 11 &
Lesson 12 (SAT)*

*Schedule for
these classes may
vary by individual

Daily Lesson Plan

Construction Module

Fill in the sections below, check off the Dimensions of Learning that you will implement in this lesson, and press "Submit" to generate a custom lesson plan that you may print out. Note: fill in only those sections you wish to use; the unused areas will not appear on your finished lesson plan.

Your Name: Date:

A. Unit/Title:

B-1. Objectives: The student(s) will be able to...

B-2. MSPAP: Outcome(s) and/or Indicator(s)... (You may copy and paste from our MSPAP Outcomes and Indicators pages.)

C. Materials:

D. Drill/ Motivational Activity/ Anticipatory Set:

E. Home Assignment:

(In the following Development Sections - you may type in one or all of the sections. To facilitate formatting and printing, try to limit each section to 50 words or less.)

F-1. Development:

F-2. Development (continued / optional):

F-3. Development (continued / optional):

F-4. Development (continued / optional):

G. Summary:

H. Assessment:

Dimensions of Learning

Check the Dimensions of Learning that you will implement in your lesson. Only those checked will appear in your printed lesson plan.

 Dimension 1


  • Order
  • Acceptance
  • Comfort

 Dimension 2-A


  • Verifying
  • Predicting
  • Integrating

 Dimension 2-B


  • Modeling
  • Shaping
  • Internalizing

 Dimension 3

Extend & Refine

  • Comparing
  • Classifying
  • Inducing
  • Analyzing errors
  • Supporting
  • Deducing
  • Abstracting
  • Analyzing

 Dimension 4

Meaningful Use of Knowledge

  • Invention
  • Decision making
  • Investigating
  • Experimenting
  • Problem Solving

 Dimension 5

Habits of Mind

  • Self-regulation
  • Critical thinking
  • Creative thinking

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