"Writing Across the Curriculum Using Technology"
Instructor: Barbara A. Schulz
John Hopkins University CTE
May Semester 2000

Lesson 1
(T – May 9th)
Introduction and
Teacher Issues

Lesson 2
(TH – May 11Th)
The Writing Cycle

Lesson 3
(SAT –5/13 AM)

Lesson 4
(SAT- 5/13 PM)

Lesson 5
On with the Writing

Lesson 6

Lesson 7
(SAT - 5/21)

Lesson 8
(SAT -5/21)

Lesson 9

Using Chat rooms
and whiteboards
for writing &

Lesson 10 (TH 5/25)*

Lesson 11 &
Lesson 12 (SAT)*

*Schedule for
these classes may
vary by individual

    Lesson 9
    Editing ??? and Publishing

    How should we teach editing?

    • Redmarking mistakes?
    • Constructive peer editing...
    • Finding classes that connect with the setting of the story

      Give the students a rubric to follow or a plan to follow when they meet with their editors.


    Share this plan or rubric on the Message Board. Include in your lesson plan how you are going to set up the different groups.


  • Inspecting - Evaluate the writing and then POLISH it for publication (see handouts)
  • Publishing online --
    • Adding those PODs to the Galleria
    • Discuss any challenges with using HTML coding


    Assessments -What are they? Why do we do them?

    "Assessment is the process of gathering evidence of what a student can do. Evaluation is the process of interpreting the evidence and making judgments and decisions based on it."
    The Mindful School 1999

    The Current Status of Assessment

    "Our history is thin when it comes to standard setting and assessment. We know how to design basic skills testing; how to use test data to rank, rather than improve, schools and to sort, rather than educate, children. We have rarely developed productive, rather than reductive or punitive, assessment and accountability systems-despite the fact that our students are among the most tested in the world."--Wolf, LeMahieu, and Eresh, 1992, p. 9

Tests Measure Educational Progress–They Don't Create It

The purpose of tests is to deliver accurate and reliable information, not to drive educational reform. Some politicians and policy makers have called for new tests, thinking that these alone will create educational achievement. What they are really looking for is better results. It is important for school administrators and policy makers to understand that a new assessment system cannot cure an ailing education system. Tests do not create better students. Good teachers and good schools do." by Michael H. Kean, Ph.D. Vice President of Public and Governmental Affairs (McGraw- Hill)

Kathy Schrock's Pages on rubrics

For evaluating your own use of technology - a future trend?

Guidelines for writing rubrics
Template for writing rubrics

Software for writing rubrics - 7 day free trial

Copyright 2000 by Barbara Schulz
Johns Hopkins University-
Center for Technology in Education

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