"Writing Across the Curriculum Using Technology"
Instructor: Barbara A. Schulz
John Hopkins University CTE
May Semester 2000

Lesson 1
(T – May 9th)
Introduction and
Teacher Issues

Lesson 2
(TH – May 11Th)
The Writing Cycle

Lesson 3
(SAT –5/13 AM)

Lesson 4
(SAT- 5/13 PM)

Lesson 5
On with the Writing

Lesson 6

Lesson 7
(SAT - 5/21)

Lesson 8
(SAT -5/21)

Lesson 9

Using Chat rooms
and whiteboards
for writing &

Lesson 10 (TH 5/25)*

Lesson 11 &
Lesson 12 (SAT)*

*Schedule for
these classes may
vary by individual

Lesson 3

Writing Lesson Plans – Discuss the components of a good lesson plan.

  • Plans available online
  • Lesson Plan Formats
  • Evaluating online lesson plans

Organizing writing and thinking about setting, characters, and Plot

  • BYTEPlans
    • GENRE
    • Story element
    • Setting -
    • Characters –
      • Character Generator
      • Character BYTEPlan
    • Plot –Storyboarding, story plot by using online templates to work and then print out for further use
  • Planning collaborative chat groups
    • Chat groups
    • Using Logs & electronic notebooks
Homework: Join a group on our CourseSite and email the instructor with the name of your group, and the focus of your project. You may want to arrange yourselves by grade level or curriculum area groups. You will be creating a "Writing Process" plan, and the members of your group will mentor each other through the process. The "Writing Process" plan will be shared at the last class, and added to your electronic portfolio.


Copyright 2000 by Barbara Schulz
Johns Hopkins University-
Center for Technology in Education

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