"Writing Across the Curriculum Using Technology"
Instructor: Barbara A. Schulz
John Hopkins University CTE
May Semester 2000

Lesson 1
(T May 9th)
Introduction and
Teacher Issues

Lesson 2
(TH May 11Th)
The Writing Cycle

Lesson 3
(SAT 5/13 AM)

Lesson 4
(SAT- 5/13 PM)

Lesson 5
On with the Writing

Lesson 6

Lesson 7
(SAT - 5/21)

Lesson 8
(SAT -5/21)

Lesson 9

Using Chat rooms
and whiteboards
for writing &

Lesson 10 (TH 5/25)*

Lesson 11 &
Lesson 12 (SAT)*

*Schedule for
these classes may
vary by individual

Lesson 7 & 8 (Saturday Class) - Revising writing to include:

  • Author's Tools
  • Hypertext links to research facts
  • Global Editing
  • Lab time
  • Dictionary in the POD
  • Thesaurus Online
  • Oil SPill Mystery (http://www.kidlink.org/KIDPROJ/Kidwriters/Mystery/Maryland/index.html)
Enhancing writing- Adding adjectives, adverbs, rich vocabulary, and other author's tools to make writing awesome.
The Writer's Den (http://www2.actden.com/writ_den/tips/sentences/index.htm)
Poem about Adjectives (http://www.yak.net/ian/SHR/Grammar/Adjective.html)
More details about Adjectives (http://webster.commnet.edu/HP/pages/darling/grammar/adjectives.htm)
More about Adverbs (http://www.edunet.com/english/GRAMMAR/adverbs.html)

Using a whiteboard online to "visualize" the story as it grows.

Connecting -using hypertext to link research to your story to make it authentic and ready for publication on the Internet.

Meeting in a chat room for editing electronically. Sharing sentences using the chat room and then working cooperatively and using decision making skills to collaborate on the writing.

Our POD Groups:
The Other Group
The Fire Wires
The Civil War Group
( http://www.beaumont-publishing.co.uk/pod/pod_page.php3?podpageid=152)

  • Writing and discussing the story inside the POD
  • Using "The Amber Mystery" as a sample POD
  • Deciding whether to have one or many PODs for your class
  • Facilitating the use of the PODS as writing tools
  • Linking the story to research
  • Coming to Conclusions

Lab Time....

1.) Use class time or online time to set up times for classes and/or students to meet to edit their work.... class may then break into small POD groups accordingly to work out details of the plan.

2.) Write a lesson plan for the editing of your student's work....

(Lesson 7) Afternoon Lab Activities---

1.)Write a message on the message board telling about your best lessons for teaching writing..

2.) Create a POD with links to sites that connect with your curriculum.... for instance... Native American
sites that would be appropriate for your students to use.

3.) Write a message under the discussion thread "Best Lesson plans on the Net" giving the urls for at least 3 good lesson plans you have found while researching.

4.) Write an email to the instructor summarizing 3 articles you have read or websites you have visited concerning latest technological or educational trends. These could be concerning issues such as Constructivism, DOL, Talents Unlimited, AUPs, Safety, etc. (due by 5/25)


Copyright 2000 by Barbara Schulz
Johns Hopkins University-
Center for Technology in Education

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