"Writing Across the Curriculum Using Technology"
Instructor: Barbara A. Schulz
John Hopkins University CTE
May Semester 2000

Lesson 1
(T – May 9th)
Introduction and
Teacher Issues

Lesson 2
(TH – May 11Th)
The Writing Cycle

Lesson 3
(SAT –5/13 AM)

Lesson 4
(SAT- 5/13 PM)

Lesson 5
On with the Writing

Lesson 6

Lesson 7
(SAT - 5/21)

Lesson 8
(SAT -5/21)

Lesson 9

Using Chat rooms
and whiteboards
for writing &

Lesson 10 (TH 5/25)*

Lesson 11 &
Lesson 12 (SAT)*

*Schedule for
these classes may
vary by individual

Lesson 2 The Writing Process

.Discuss the Writing cycle and current writing trends in classrooms

    • Links to sites online with current theories of education
    • Philosophies about Writing - See Scribes Online Teacher's Library for more links
      • Lucy Calkins - "The Art of Teaching Writing" + "Raising Lifelong Learners".
      • J. David Cooper -- Senior author of Transitions.... part of Literacy Movement
      • Jay McTighe ---"Authentic....Performanc Based Assessments" driving MSPAP
      • Regie Routman - Transitions from Literature to Literacy (1988)
      • Cunningham - "Classrooms that Work" Series
      MSPAP guidelines
    • Outcomes
    • Activities tested
    • Steps - Prewriting, Planning, Writing, Researching, Revising, Editing, Proofreading, Publishing

PreWriting – Brainstorm, using the chat room, all the ways you use writing in the classroom now.

Collaborative Learning Online

Curriculum Links for Brainstorming Online

    • See Chapter 2 Handout "Brainstorming with..." and links on Teacher’s Web page
    • Inside PODs - blank brainstorm forms

Computer terms - Chatting protocol

  • See "Help" page on Chatting

    Collaborative Learning /Classroom Management -- HOW do I deal with those groups?

Homework: Try one new way of grouping your students. Share the pros and cons of this grouping method on the Discussion Board for the class. Respond to someone else's message.




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