Day 3 What is a Web Page?
What is all this Hyper text markup language stuff, anyway?
Let's discuss a few terms first................
Web Page --- A document that consists of one or more pages that can be viewed on the Internet or World Wide Web using a ...

Browser --- a piece of software that helps the computer interpret the Html language so that the viewer "sees" what the author created.....A browser takes a document made entirely of text and turns it into the web pages you see on the Internet. These documents are sent to your computer from a.... 

Server ---- a computer that manages all kinds of files and tells them to go to your machine from an..... 

ISP ------- Internet Service Provider or a company who offers the service of handling thousand of files on their server, usually for a fee. These files and services range from email to Newsgroups, to .... 

FTP ----- File Transfer Protocol -- the method of transferring files from one computer to another. You will be watching how to do this when we put your work up on the "WEB" after we use a... 

Web Editor --- a piece of software used to create and change Web Pages. There are many brands out there, but here are the ones we may be using..... 



Web Editor: Pros (Benefits) Cons(Things against it)
Netscape Composer Easy to use "Free" with Netscape Communicator Some servers have difficulty with graphics -- be sure paths for graphics are correct.
Microsoft Word "Free" with Microsoft Word 8.0 You can save your Word documents as htm documents Not as easy to manage graphics -be sure to check path in HTML source 



Hot Metal You can see Web Pages in three different formats.... 

Source Code Tags WYSIWYG Includes Info Manager

Expensive Price Tag...
Hot Dog Express version... Won't let you upload your files to a server until you register..... 

Cannot edit existing coded documents .. .only lets you create new ones. For best results get the Pro version costing $199.95

So How do We create those pages? --- You can create pages using Notepad!

Go ahead --

  1. Highlight this text: (That's right- use your mouse to highlight right here from the webpage J )
  2. <HTML>
    <TITLE>Type in the Name of your Web Page</TITLE>
    <BODY> The Main Idea of your Web Page
    <UL> The first detail goes here
    <UL> The second detail goes here

    <UL> The Third detail goes here

  3. Go to Edit/Copy
  4. Open a new WordPad -(Go to Start/Programs/Accessories/ WordPad)
  5. Click on Edit/Paste
  6. Fill in Your information where it tells you to put it --(by highlighting and typing your info in its place)
  7. Click on File/Save as
  8. Save file as "A:/sample.htm" being sure that in the file type box you choose "text". (And your disk is in the drive)
  9. Now open Netscape or Internet Explorer.
  10. Click on File/ Open and type in the name "A:/sample.htm"
  11. And Voila` you have created YOUR web page!
This page is created in what is known as the " HTML Source Code". It is the code that tells the computer what to do. The words in the code surrounding your typing is what are called "Tags". They are the commands that the Browser recognizes and knows what to do with them. Of course the more complicated the page, the more tags there are. If you want to continue making pages this way, then go to Web Pages for Absolute Beginners. This page also has a good explanation of how to make tags and images, lists, etc.... Patti Weeg's Html Pages .

Using Micrsoft Word as an editor....


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