SpiderWebDay 1 -Creating a web of friendsfriends

  • Setup Rules and Regulations
  • Follow the Internet Safety Rules
    • Sign Permission to be on the Internet
    • Sign Permission for pictures to be used on the Internet
  • Be Positive 
  • Be Considerate to others 
    • Listening to others when speaking
    • No food or Drink in the Computer Room
    • Help others when needed 
  • Ask for help if needed 

Get to know each other

  • Tell us your name 
  • School Grade 
  • Favorite way to spend your free time

Course requirements 

  • What will I need for this course? 
    • Creative Ideas 
    • HTML editor - We will use "Microsoft Word version 8" but you can use anyone you have -we will discuss other choices later
  • Keeping a journal of time and ideas 
  • Create an individual web page ----You will be sharing your Web page on the last day of class 
  • Bring a snack everyday 

{short description of image}Getting to Know All About You- friends 

For some fun things to do to get to know yourself on the net go to: MindSpace 

Using Paint Shop Pro and Kidpix to create a picture about you.......and test your technology skills...... 

  • Open Paint Shop Pro----go to Start/Programs/Paint Shop Pro and open it.
  • Using your drawing skills and typing skills create a page that will tell us about you...
  • Think About.....
    • Your family- Are they unique in some way? Any pets? Special Members?
    • Your interests - sports, hobbies, special subjects, pet peeves,
    • Your career goals- What do you want to be as an adult? How will you get there? Why do you want to be that?
    • What do you want others to know about you?
  • Include your name on the page -- it can be a fun page, or it can be a formal one that you might use someday as a resume..... We will use this page as the "All about the Author" for the web site.... so think carefully.

  • You may also use KidPix----(go to Start/Programs/Student Use/KidPix )and its stamps in your picture... to transfer them from KidPix: 
    • Draw a picture that you want, or use the stamps to create your drawing...then
    • Click on the moving truck on the side of the page then ..
    • Click on the magnet at the bottom of the page
    • Click on Edit/Copy (or use the shortcut keys of "ctrl" and "c" together)
    • Close KidPix and open/find your Paint Shop Pro picture 
    • Click in Paint Shop Pro where you want the picture 
    • Click on Edit/Paste(or use the shortcut keys of "ctrl" and "v" together).
  • Use any extra time to think about what you are going to tell us about your creation.
  • Be sure to save the file to your floppy disk:
    • Go to  File / Save as/ and 
    • Choose your floppy disk A:// project/icons
    • Choose the file type as ". gif "
    • Give it a name you will remember with less than 8 letters.
    • Click on" Save".
  • Be ready to share your work with the class: 
    • Why did you use the things you put into it?
    • Do they have any significance to you?

    • How does it connect to you? 
Don't forget to fill out today's Journal entry!

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