Day 6- Editing our Web Pages

Editing : Check off each of the elements below, then print out this worksheet to show your teacher that you edited your web page:

My Name

Is content organized and structured? My Comments

Is it readable? Is text the right size? Does it contrast with the background?

My Comments

Does it have a consistency of colors and fonts?

My Comments

Do graphics load in a reasonable amount of time?

My Comments

Can it be seen with different browsers? Even older versions?

My Comments

Can it be seen by viewers with special needs -- vision or hearing impaired, etc.?

My Comments

After your teacher posts your webpage to the server, you can check it out at :

Website Garage:

Doctor HTML:

WebMeister Activity ----- Fill out this form then Save it to a floppy disk then print it out for your teacher.

Don't forget to fill out today's Journal entry!

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