SpiderWebDay 4- Graphics
Jumping spider Harvesting Graphics or Icons 
  • Check for copyrights -- read the fine print
    • Some are free "public domain" -which means you can download them without problems.
    • Some are free if you give them credit - See Graphic Stations copyright statement
    • Some you have to have written permission to use 
    • Some have a fee  you have to pay!
  • So Be careful!!!
These are just a few.... there are many more.... just do a search on the web for "icons", "graphics", "backgrounds", "bullets", "buttons", etc...... 

Designing your  own graphics  - Using KidPix/Paint - Remember that drawing you did the first day  in Paint Shop Pro?  It should be stored on your floppy disk.You can now get it out again .  Open the file and be sure you saved it as a "gif" file. If not,  follow this procedure again: 

  • Be sure to save the file to your floppy disk:
    • Go to  File / Save as/ and 
    • Choose your floppy disk A:// project/icons
    • Choose the file type as ". gif "
    • Give it a name you will remember with less than 8 letters.

    • Click on" Save".
    To Use your files on your pages just click on your   editing page where you want the graphic,  then go to  Insert/ picture(or graphic).  You will get an "Open " menu.  Navigate to where your "file"  is, and then hit "Save."  It' s as easy as that! 

    Translating files to gif or jpeg --If you use Paint or a similar program to draw- 
    You will need a graphics program to translate them from ".bmp" (which stands for bitmap) to the ".gif" or ".jpeg" format.  Most browsers do not recognize bitmap files. 

    Have fun designing your Web Page!!!  You are well on your way!
    Don't forget to fill out today's Journal entry!
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