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Creating Templates for Your Site


Create a design for the web page

  • Designing elements
    • Set up -----2 folders on your disk in the A:/ drive (you may also want to make a temporary backup copy on the computer you are working on - just be sure to move that folder to the recycling bin when the class is over)
      • Icons - This folder will hold all your graphics (pictures)
      • html - This folder will hold all your Web pages
    • Planning -
      • Use the Planning Template - Think about your:
        • Audience (age level),
        • Purpose (is it for Research? to as Motivation? to build background knowledge? )and the
        • Main Ideas you want to cover in your pages
          • Fill in the File names for each of your pages,
          • And the Text you will use to create links on that page….
        • Next - Think about each page of your web site -- let the Template help you think about:
          • the Details you want on each page
          • What links you need to have to other pages
          • What graphics do you need to find or create for each page


      • Create the side bar links and the bottom links to other pages for fast manuever.
      • Don't Forget the copyright message, and the date the page was updated
      • Remember -- The more Planning you do now, the less time you will waste later….


On to creating the templates using basic HTML.

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