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Evaluating Web Sites


Look at some designing elements -- What makes a good web page?

We are going to check out some web pages but before we start lets talk about some criteria that professional web designers use..........

Is content organized and structured?

Is it readable? Is text the right size? Does it contrast with the background?

Does it have a consistency of colors and fonts?

Do graphics load in a reasonable amount of time?

Can it be seen with different browsers? Even older versions?

Can it be seen by viewers with special needs -- vision or hearing impaired, etc.?

Does it meet your lesson criteria? (Motivating , Meets Outcomes, etc., Interactive?)

Is it an efficient use of technology?

Onto  the Web

Ok, so let's check a few sites to see if they meet these criteria - Remember to click on your back button to get back to this site. Fill out the form you were given to evaluate the sites you were assigned with your partner.

The last 4 links are Student pages created for the contest  

  Think Quest


Boy with Lge PencilSites to check out your web page performance:

Type in the above URLS ( or copy and paste from your browser into these windows).....

Doctor HTML:

Website Garage:

How did your website evaluation compare to the Garage's or the Doctors?

Now onto creating those lesson plans for the web page.


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