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Evaluating WebSites
Lesson Planning
Linking Lessons
Going Live!!
Advanced Skills
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Planning Lessons

Creating Lessons on a web page

Think about:

  • What part of this lesson can best be taught with technology? Especially the Internet?
    1. Researching?
    2. Brainstorming?

    3. Chatting for editing other work?

    4. Linking to other sites for curriculum connections?

  • Finding spots online for locating curriculum standards

    By State
    MSPAP Outcomes and Indicators

  • Links to teaching philosophies such as DOL, Constructivism, Multiple Intelligences, Inquiry Learning, etc.

Scribes Teacher's Library

  • Remember to "Bookmark" any good sites you find so that you can return to them while creating your website!

    • Your turn......... find the links you need to make your lesson successful.......
    • Go here to Create a template for you web pages
    • then onto Linking Lessons page for directions on how to link them into your web page.

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