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Responses from Japan

We received the following email from Tsumoto's students in Japan.

From: Tsutomu Iyanagi
To: Barbara Schulz
Date: Sunday, January 24, 1999 7:18 AM
Subject: Re: Ice Stories

Dear Barbara,

Snow is cold?
Snow is sweet?
I want to eat snow.
I want to make snowman.
Small Small snow man.
It is worm here and we do not have snow.
Can you share a cup of snow?
I have never seen Snowwoman.
I could not find her in my English dictionary.
Five years ago we had snow a little. on the car.
I tried to gather snow but it was too bit to make snowman.
Can you shere a little dream, we want to make snowman with you.
We will be able to make a virtual snowman on our computer with you.

Yuuko 11 y.o.

English: Translated from Japanese to English by T.Iyanagi
Hello to your class from Japan!
I am going to translate your message from English to Japanese.
We want to go ahead snowman project

Best wishes,


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