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Anna and the Ice Girl

by Hannah C.

"Ice and more ice! More ice storms coming to Puter City and Palet Town! On Route -"

Anna clicked off the radio. She is sick of staying home and sick of ice. School has been canceled for weeks due to the big clear-white blotches of glossy, shiny ice on the roads that have made the cars slip and slide everywhere.

Anna went upstairs and tried to bed, but she couldn't. The ice storm had already started, so all Anna could hear was the ping-thump-ping- thump of the icy hail balls hitting her roof and sliding to the ground. But, finally she dozed off.

The next morning Anna woke up early, put on her thick and itchy clothes, then went outside. There was nothing to do. No hills to slide on, no snow for snowmen, and Anna had no ice-skates to skate with. She went in her backyard and started to pile up all the broken ice and fallen icicles in her old kiddie-pool. She made a big pile, then watched the ice slowly drop off the trees and break its glossy form. The song "Winter Wonderland" was stuck in her head. Winter Worseland is more like it, she thought gloomily.

Then something happened. The wind started to stir, and an icy chill filled the air. Whoooshh went the wind in the trees. Anna's ice pile started falling and cracking on the ground. Anna hid under the patio table. She was terrified; she didn't know what was happening! When it was over, she looked in the kiddie-pool.

The ice was still shaking, then eyes opened in the ice! Light blue eyes stared out at Anna, so she did what any kid would do-scream! Then there was a mouth, and slowly Anna saw a whole face-and screamed louder!

"Don't scream Anna, I am here to play with you."

Anna stopped, she calmed down, but was still whimpering. "Wh-wha-what are y-you?"

"Anna, I am an Ice Girl" The Ice Girl sat up, Anna was silent.

She looked at the Ice Girl. She had the form of a 10 yr. old girl, but with blurry, clear, glossy skin. Light lips, frosty eyes, and barely a nose. Her hair, oh, she had such beautiful hair! Thin icicles as hair, that moved so swiftly and never broke off. In the sunlight, each strand of hair was like a prism, so rainbows filled her hair and shined in her surrounding glow. All in all, she was beautiful.

"Anna," the Ice Girl interrupted Anna's trail of thought, "Anna, what shall we play?"

Anna thought about what they could do...nothing.

"There is nothing you can think of Anna? I know, let's go upstairs."

"Huh?" Anna was confused. Then the Ice Girl stepped up, but onto nothing! She brushed off where she was standing, and Anna saw that she was standing on ice steps. She blew right in front of her, and more steps appeared. She walked up about 10 more steps, then beckoned Anna to follow. She came up willingly, and then the Ice Girl stepped on a ledge. No more steps appeared when she blew. She looked down, and slid down some kind of icy slide. Anna did the same, she yelled all the way down.

"Woo-hoo! This is so fun!" As she slid down, a great icy chill came to her. She finally hit the ground. Hitting the icy ground was like hitting concrete, but she didn't care for she was having so much fun.

They did that all afternoon, and for the next week, they played a new ice game everyday. Then, when spring was arriving, and the ice was melting, the Ice Girl said to Anna,

"The days are getting warmer, and the icy chills are almost gone, so I must leave or I will melt. But do not worry, I shall come another icy season, and we will play again."

Anna frowned, but her frown soon turned into a slight smile. "Do you promise?"

The Ice Girl smiled, but it wasn't the same. Her glossy glisten was gone, and the only glisten was the glisten of water dripping off her body. "Of course I promise," she said.

The next day the ice was almost gone, and the Ice Girl left too. Anna was very upset, and while she was cleaning up in sorrow, she found a small piece of bark in the snow with ice into it. It had words on it, it said:

"Dear Anna, Sorry I must leave you, but I will see you again soon. I left you a small gift in the kiddie-pool, a remembrance of me. Good-bye for now. Truly yours, Ice Girl".

Anna quietly put the bark on the table and looked in the kiddie-pool. She found a small snow globe with an Ice Girl in it. She kept it on her night table, always remembering the Ice Girl and the fun she brought in Anna's life.

The Ice Girl kept her promise and came every icy winter-which was basically every one-that Anna's town had and played with Anna's children, and their children after that. The Ice Girl never melted, and stayed young forever. That is why she has lived so long, even to this very day.

The End


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