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More Ice Stories and letters to the Japanese class

Dear Japanese children,

Down here in Dublin Elem. School we got a cold ice storm. When I went out side the grass was slick, hard and crunchy. The glassy ice was crystal clear. Then all of the smooth ice melted into dirty black water. Now we couldn’t fall on the ice any more. Well that was our ice storm. Your Friend, Rocky Dowell.

One day there was a storm. I thought it would be thunder but it was an ice -storm. There was sleet also. I didn't go out when it sleeted. Sleet hurts when there is a lot of it and it hits you on the head. The sleet caused the roads to get slick. The roads caused the schools to close for two days. That made me happy. I thought it would be a short storm but it was a long one. My mom said, "Chelsey , you have to stay in." Then when the storm was over she got me her ice - skates and I skated all over the back yard. It was as hard as glass. I loved to watch the blades fall to the ground (the blades are ice-cycles). The nasty storm made the power go out for some. The power shortage made the cable go out for us. I sledded down our big hill on the long sheet of ice covering the ground. Part of our tree fell down with the big winds. It was the biggest branch on the tree and it was loud when it fell. It was sort of the mother branch on the tree. It was slicker on the ground the next day. It was shinier too. When some of the ice melted it was harry. The crashing of the blades was loud. On Sunday I went ice-skating. The ice got slick when it was wet. It got wet because it was being polished. The ice didn't melt because the rink was so cold. It was the first time I had been ice-skating in my whole life. This is what I did during the ice storm.

By Chelsey Hilker


Dear Japanese children,

We recently had a ice storm it was very bad. the ice covered every thing. We had delved school for 2days. wren you looked out side it looked like a ice skating rink. It was very dangerous i almost broke my arm. It was fun i had snow ball fightsand went sliding.

your pen pal

Justin Higbee

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