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Ice Stories


Ice Stories

A class from Japan asked us to make a snowman and take a picture for them. However, this year we did not have snow. But we had lots of ice storms. So we described Ice storms to them and wrote Ice Stories. See how many Similes and Metaphors you can find in our writing.....Here are our Stories:

Andrew Joey Josh Roman
Mike Jessica Megan
A Poem by Ashley
The Ice Girl (Story by Hannah)

More Ice Storm Descriptions

Joey's yard during the storm

The ice storm was shinny as glass. It was so slippery that you couldn't walk up a hill. It was also like running on a waxed floor then trying to stop fast. There was no school that day because the road was slick and the bus could of wrecked and hit a tree or something. The ice was as hard as glass and almost as sharp as glass. It was so fun when I was riding my bike with the sled tied on the bike and someone was in the sled and I wrecked and the sled went by it self and it pulled the bike and me. And it was like you were on ice skates for you first time ever. That is what the ice storm was like.


Ice Storms

At my house there is a hill. It was covered with solid ice. It was very slippery. And when I slide down the hill on my sled, I went so fast that I ran into a tree. The tree was very wet. I felt very sore. It was freezing cold out. The snow was 2 digress below 0. My friends and I didnít have school because the roads were solid ice and we could have had a bad accident and we'd be sliding everywhere on the road. That is what the ice storm was like.

By Andrew

The ice storm was great because we had no school because the roads were dangerous. I had fun slipping and sliding down the hill on my sled. I went real fast down on my sled. The trees looked like they were made out of glass. There was ice on every thing. Ice is frozen water and it is very slippery. It's clear like glass. . THE END


The ice storm was very loud. It was loud because the hail was hitting the window. The hale was as big as a golf ball. Branches falling on the road. When I was cleaning the car off I slipped and fell, and it hurt. The ice on the trees look like glass.

By Roman

In the ice storm is like a little clouds hitting the ground , trees , cars, trailer and houses. If you get hit by won it fells like rain but it hurts worse than the rain. When I go out side I get my sled and put WD40 on the bottom of my sled it will make my sled go faster on the ice. When I stepped it was loud because the ice is splitting. there was icycles on the branches. When the ice falls it cracks and splits. It sounds like a chip when you bite in it when I go out to feed my animals I slip and fall.

From Mike

Well the other day we went home from school .And then it started snowing and sleating.Then that night it frosted and frozen it was pretty bad so we don't go to school for a couple of dozily it was just snowing and sweating again. Well a couple of days later it started raining and the snow went away but there was still a little ice left .so we was 2 hours delayed. But the next day we went to school so thats what happend here during the ice storm .but the ground is all wet and muddy from the rain.but it was verry cold and wendyout my sister heather got two feaverblisters.that is what i can tell you about our ice storm.

by Jessica

This is how I am going to describe what my yard looked liked after the ice storm it looked liked glass and when you when walk on it you would fall . And when you try to shoofly your shoofly would brake and you could ice skate and all that you could see is white . And you could see is ice sickles falling from the tress . And tress are leaning over and everything frozed up . And the roads where nothing but ice and people slide of the roads and people can get hurt very bad .

By Megan


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