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Barbara Harbula, Ph.D.
Instructional Technolgy Learning Consultant

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Catch up your Computer skills


Technology Training - Learn to use the computer at all ages! Bring your own laptop or use ours. Group training can be arranged. Training provided on the following topics:

  • Microsoft Office package - learn to create a word processing document, a spreadsheet with Excel for balancing your budget, a Power Point to present, or a database to keep track of your "stuff".
  • Training on using Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Edmodo, Instagram, etc.
  • How to create a Video and edit it.
  • How to create a game using your Scratch.

Classes can be individual lessons, group lessons, and can be either face to face (if local) or in the online format.

Our Fees - Initial phone consultation is free for 30 minutes. Other fees are on a set schedule - check them out on this page.

This website is dynamic, and therefore always under construction as we add comments to the blogs, the latest research, and share with each other, so come back often!

Dr. Barb Boksz

Check out Barb's Portfolio to see samples of previous projects....

Curriculum Development / Technology Training /Research Studies /Resources For Parents, Educators, Students, and School Systems / Barb's Portfolio / LB Consultants Home

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Barbara Harbula, Ph.D.
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