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Resources for Parents, Educators, Students and School Systems

Here's a list of our web pages with specific topics, see the links at the bottom of the page for resources specific to parents, students, educators, or school systems.

An Overview of Virtual and Home Schools -- Read the overview to help you understand what the difference is between virtual schools, home schools, and online programs.

The Latest Research -- Here's a comprehensive overview of articles about the Virtual School topic.

Our Diagnostic Tool - Use our simple survey form to help you determine whether Virtual Schooling or Home Schooling is right for your child.

Benefits and Drawbacks -- What are the benefits and drawbacks of virtual &/or home schools? How can you tell what type of school your child should use?

A Dynamic List of Online Programs/Virtual Schools
This page is currently under construction, but will eventually be a comprehensive database of virtual schools and online programs, rated for different criteria.

College prep - Need help with making sure your homeschool experience will get you into colleges? Check out this page, or contact Jen Hinson.

Home School Resources - This page includes info on Individual Education Plans, Curriculum Development, Course Development, Transcript Preparation, Resume Development

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An Overview of Virtual and Home Schools / Our Diagnostic Tool /Benefits and Drawbacks / A Dynamic List of Online Programs-Virtual Schools / Our Fees

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