WWW is like a huge Spider Web around the world!                                                                      


Our Curriculum with the World Wide WebWWW is like a huge Spider Web around the world!

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National Zoo @ the Smithsonian 


Seasons for Kids

Science and Seasons

Seasons videos

Seasons (Primary Games)

Blue Dog Can Count! 

AAA Counting

Primary Games -Fish Count


Send an E-mail to Santa & read a cool Xmas  story 

Holidays on the 'Net

The Nine Planets Tour 

The NASA Homepage 


The Butterfly Garden 

Google Earth

Map Coloring

Dr. . Math

Math behind the maps

"I Have A Dream" Poetry 




Animal Information Database 



Kids Web: Japan History


Cool Math Games 

Math Playground

FunBrain Math

A Word A Day 

The Biography Maker

Thanksgiving Acrostic Poems

Ice Stories - written for a class in Japan with a response from that class.


Yahoo Kids: World Factbook




Dole 5 A Day 


Maryland Links 

50 States


4th Grade Math 

Fairland Elementary School Home Page -
Pogs with Md. 

Md. electronic fieldtrips through Thinkport (MPT)


The Native American (WWW Virtual Library) 


Circulation & the heart 

Advanced Cardiac Life Support Resources Page On Anatomy of the Heart

ACLS Kid's Guide to the Circulatory System

Health Test - Info on Checking your Pulse (suggested by a student in Colorado - Thanks Danielle!)

Digesting Your Diet - the Anatomy & Physiology (suggested byJean Massieu Academy in Grand Prairie, Texas - Thanks Ms. Britton's class!)


Energy, Electrity, & Conservation 


CELLS alive! 

History Sites

The Oregon Trail. 

1492 -- Christopher Columbus 


Kids Web - History 

Williamsburg Home Page 

Plimouth Plantation

Sturbridge Village Home Page 

Abraham Lincoln Online 


Creating Tessallations at Fairland Elem. 


Welcome To The White House - Send email to the President 


Meet the  "Real Man"  behind the  "Ben & Me"  Book by Robert Lawson 

Other Links to online ideas and activities - If interested in participating in a joint project contact the author below.

A Nursing Student's Extra Help for Anatomy

Donated by afterskoolkids.org - Thanks kids!

Mission Nutrition - an online global collaborative Project created by the author of this page

Expeditions Online - curriculum links and unit activities for these topics created by the author :


Human Body

Scribes Online- activities created for the book .

News Story
Interview Tips

Teacher Helpers

Global Schoolhouse

Welcome to the Science Museum of Minnesota

Kathy Schrocks Home

Educational Hotlists

Tammy's tips(Worcester)

PBS Money

Financial Literacy

Foreign Language Links

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