Welcome to the Frameworks of Education Online
course at Colorado State University-Pueblo

Congratulations! If you are taking this course, it means you have been accepted into the Teacher Education Program at Colorado State University - Pueblo, OR you are a Teacher-in-Residence with your first position, and looking for ways to meet certification requirements. Either way, this is the course that will give you the framework to build your career in education. In this course we cover some of the nitty gritty, how-to's of teaching.

Either way, you've entered a wonderful field that is very challenging while extremely rewarding. This course is one of your first steps into a world where you touch the future through the children you teach.

This course will be conducted totally online. Students will be expected to have the proper connection and technological equipment and skills to participate in the course. This equipment consists of:

An internet connection of at least 56K baud is recommended.

An updated browser (Netscape 4.0+ or Internet Explorer 5.0 +)

You may be instructed to download software as needed to view different files as the course progresses.

***An online course takes as much commitment as a face to face course. So plan on putting just as many work hours into the course as you would in a regular course. You will be reading what you normally hear in a classroom, as well as corresponding with your teammates on a regular basis. So please put time aside to take care of your commitment to this course. It can be any time of the day that you would like, but be sure to plan time at least several times a week to check into the course website.***

For every credit received, students should plan on spending at least 3 hours to review the online materials, as well as 3 - 6 hours to complete the assignments each lesson.

Field Experiences - 30 hours
Undergraduate students are required to do 30 hours in field experiences which contributes to the total time they need for certification. Students should be observing or working in a local school on a regular basis, and documenting their hours, as well as getting the appropriate signatures. Documents needed for the Field Experience can be found on the Course site, under Course Documents/ Field Experiences.

For more details on Field Experiences, please contact the instructor or the Education Office at 719-549-2681.

Overview of Modules -
The course will consist of several different modules. The modules involve some reading from the textbook, may include taking the online practice quiz provided by the publisher of the textbook or the instructor, and participating in interactive activities.

Each module will be taught using a different pedagogy as an example. This is done to give participants ideas they will be able to use in their classrooms.

Introduction to Online Learning - (No credit, needs to be taken one time before any of the following modules)

This is the beginning module required to be taken at the start of all modules. You will be developing your online personality, meeting your classmates, and testing your own learning style. You'll also learn about online etiquette, and how to get around in our online classroom. As part of the requirements of this module, you'll create your own mini web page about yourself.

Module 1 - Classroom Management Module - 1 credit hour

You will learn by working with the whole class utilizing several active learning strategies to build your background knowledge of classroom management, motivational strategies, and behavior managment.

Module 2 - Using Assessment to Guide Instruction

You will use a Direct Instruction method to explore the kinds of assessment used to measure classroom performance.

Module 3 - Teaching Strategies

You will use several alternative teaching strategies to explore the different instructional models.

Getting Started.....

You will need the login and password you were given when you registered for this course. Point your Browser to http://blackboard.colostate-pueblo.edu/. Fill in your login and password when prompted to do so. If you do not have a USC login and password, you will need to contact the Education Office at 719-549-2681.

If you have been enrolled in the class by our office, the course site will show up in your window. Simply click on those words, and you should be in the class site.

If you have trouble, contact our office at 719-549-2169. While you are waiting for assistance, you can browse the following beginning activities for the course:

The Syllabus and Course Outline can be found on the Course site, under Course Documents.

Have fun, and welcome aboard!

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