Welcome to the Online Version of
ED280 Educational Media and Technology

Welcome to the online version of the Educational Media and Technology course site!   This course will prepare you for using technology both in your classes and in your future classroom. Prepares teacher to use technology for instruction, assessment, management and research.

Credit Hours: 3 semester credits
Classroom Contact Hours:
45 Clock Hours

Textbook: Shelly, G.; Cashman, T.J.; Gunter, R.E; Gunter, G.A. (2002). Integrating Technology in the Classroom. (2nd Edition).Boston, MA:Course Technology- Thomson Learning.

Recommended Software:

  • Microsoft Office Suite (needs to include Microsoft Word, Power Point, and Excel)
  • Microsoft Front Page (or another web editor)
  • Inspiration or KidSpiration

These packages are available in all on-campus labs, and most schools or libraries. Check for availability near you. Substitutions with other packages may be possible, but support WILL NOT be available for packages other than those listed above. Student will be responsible for learning substituted software on their own. Contact the instructor with further questions.

Course Web Site: http://blackboard.colostate-pueblo.edu

Book Web Site: http://www.scsite.com/tdc2
This course will be conducted totally online. Students will be expected to have the proper connection and technological equipment and skills to participate in the course. This equipment consists of:

1. An internet connection of at least 56K baud is recommended.
2. An updated browser (Netscape 4.0+ or Internet Explorer 5.0 +)
3. You may be instructed to download software as needed to view different files as the course progresses.

The course will consist of 5 modules taught over 15 weeks. During:

Introduction to Online Learning You will explore your own learning style to be sure you are suited to taking this course online, introduce yourself to your classmates by creating a mini web page about yourself. You will begin to explore your feelings toward, and knowledge about technology in the classroom.

Module 1 You will explore the federal and local policies on technology and education in your area, by reading and critiquing articles. You will become familiar with your district's Acceptable Use Policy. You will explore and critique software packages applicable to your discipline. You will become familiar with the basics of a computer, and create a flowchart to solve technology problems.

Module 2 You will explore the technology skills your students will need to have, and become familiar with the ISTE NETS for students. You will create a spreadsheet to be able to chart your students' skills.

Module 3 You will create a Power Point presentation on a lesson you plan for use in the classroom. This lesson plan will include using technology and integrating the lesson across disciplines. Your lesson will also include details on how you will manage technology use by students during the lesson.

Module 4 You will explore uses for the Internet in the classroom, as well as its uses for you as a professional.

To get started in the class, you will need your CSU-Pueblo login and password to get into the course site ....click on the Course Documents button on the left side inside the site.  Then find the Introduction to Online Learning folder under Course Documents OR start reading the documents below, which will lead you through this course. Have fun, and welcome aboard!